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Glycolic Skin Peels

If you want a treatment to make your skin feel brighter, fresher and younger looking, then Glycolic Peels are for you.

They can soften fine lines, help with spot outbreaks and reduce black/whiteheads. They also enhance the effects of Botox and Dermal Fillers by stimulating collagen in the dermis of the skin.

Glycolic acid is derived from sugar cane and comes in a range of strengths. At New You Medispa we use prescription strength, clinic only peels, to safely but effectively exfoliate your skin. We only use world renowned NeoStrata® Glycolic Peels to achieve the best results.

To achieve the best results in the quickest time, it is recommended to use a mild Glycolic moisturiser in the morning and a Retin A at night for 2 weeks prior to treatment to prepare the skin. Both of these products are available to buy in store. A course of 6 peels is recommended, 2 peels at 35%, 50% and 70% strength.

The Procedure

The skin is cleansed and the Glycolic acid applied, there will be a mild prickling sensation. After 3 minutes it is neutralised and aSkinCeuticals Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 50 is applied. After treatment the skin looks immediately brighter, occasionally it can be slightly red and slight flaking may occur after 3 days.

Post Procedure Instructions

  • Don't use a Retin A or Glycolic product for 24hrs before or 48hrs after treatment
  • Avoid sun exposure/sun bed use for 2 weeks. An SPF50 Moisturiser should be used for 2 weeks.
  • Avoid facials, marks and scrubs for 2 weeks.
  • Men should avoid shaving on day of treatment.

Can anyone have a Glycolic Peel?

Glycolic Peels are not suitable if..

  • There has been sun exposure or have used sun beds or is going to be exposed should avoid treatment for 2 weeks
  • Medication such Roaccutane taken in the last year or topical steroids used on the face
  • Kidney failure in the last year
  • Skin should not be broken, have infection present or cold sores